IJO - Short Film

In the far future, where humans have branched to many sub-human species, a veteran subhuman
soldier class of a long forgotten war, Ijō, discovers the corrupted Federation
replicating a new generation of Ijō for an upcoming war and needs to stop them.


Throughout 2022, Infinitum Studios (in association with Hootspa Films and Jingo Studios) has been in pre-production for our upcoming futuristic / sci-fi short film "IJO". The film is set far in the future and takes place partially on a sound stage, with virtual production being our reason for wanting to create the short film. Looking at Perth's (Western Australia) film industry, it is clear that studios are limited and don't have the capability for virtual production. Thus we aim to show that virtual production is possible on a low budget in Perth, with long-term goals of getting virtual production and general film studios in Perth to grow in size, number, and capability.

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